With Children at the Hofertoni Farm
The Hofertoni farm offers you and your children family fun from early morning to evening.
07.30 am Feed deer
08.00 am Breakfast with fresh eggs and milk

08.45 am

Out and about with the kiddy carts
09.30 am Solve farm riddle
10.30 am Watch rooster and hens
10.45 am Visit Waldi and play with tomcats
11.00 am Play ping pong
12.00 am Lunch with Dad and Mom
01.00 pm On the swing and in the sandbox
02.00 pm Swim in the outdoor pool and play miniature golf (500 m), horseback riding at the dude ranch (5 km), hiking
04:00 pm Nature trail hike or build a birdhouse
05:45 pm Splash around in the water treading pool
06:00 pm Bake bread on a stick and BBQ
07:30 pm Board games at the vacation rental
09:00 pm Go to bed with the chickens – or are they already asleep?